About CERTStation

Information security is not an “IT problem”, it is a business issue. Weaknesses in an organization’s IT security system make it vulnerable to outside threats, including penetration of internal systems, theft of critical information, and loss of vital client and business data. Even a small scale security breach could leave an organization without access to its critical IT systems for hours or days. Therefore developing a reliable early detection system is an important element of an organization’s overall risk management strategy.

CERTStation’s Cyber Security Dashboard is the industry’s premier tool that provides organizations in both the public and private sectors with an early warning system, allowing them to safeguard their systems and protect their IT infrastructure. Originally launched in 2003, CERTStation provides a comprehensive enterprise view of global IT security information enabling companies to apply the security intelligence to their specific software and hardware infrastructure. CERTStation’s Cyber Security Dashboard gathers security threats, latest advisories and news from various leading resources and filters and communicates it back via a user friendly dashboard, customized based on the client’s specific IT environment, thus providing an early warning system for organizations. Our newest version of CERTStation’s Cyber Security Dashboard (Version 5.0), released in 2012, offers an enhanced user experience and provides a consolidated feature set composed of both the previous desktop platform and dashboard platform, thereby simplifying the product line and providing more value for our consumers.

Our goal is to provide organizations with an accurate, efficient and low-cost mechanism to alert, discover, and remediate security issues before they become a significant threat.