CERTStation's Cyber Security Dashboard is a web based application that provides users with advanced security data management, scanning, and threat management capabilities over the Internet.

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CERTStation's Cyber Security Dashboard gathers the latest security news, including information on viruses, worms and patches, and after filtering the information based on the client's preferences and IT infrastructure, it then communicates it back to the client via a user friendly dashboard. Among the many features of the dashboard are a User CON that displays the security level of your local system and selected applications, and the Agglomerator that scans widely used anti-viruses to provide a global perspective on the security of the web.

Our Dashboard facilitates the consumption of large amounts of data allowing organizations to understand the overall health and security of their networks on a timely and efficient basis.


CERTStation Inc.

CERTStation’s Cyber Security Dashboard is an IT security intelligence dashboard that provides a snapshot of an organization’s security status, allowing it to make instantaneous and informed decisions to safeguard the security of its systems. We provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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