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CERTStation’s Free Cyber Security Dashboard is an IT security intelligence dashboard that provides a snapshot of an organization’s security status, allowing it to make instantaneous and informed decisions to safeguard the security of its systems. Managed cyber security services provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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Information Security Dashboard

Information Security Dashboard is a web-based application that provides users with advanced security data management, scanning and threat management.

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Network Security

Network Security measures of protecting networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, against hacking, misuse and disclosure of information.

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Threat Management

Threat management provides actionable security intelligence to quickly respond to advanced and hidden threats to enable you to take preventative measures.

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Heart Beat Monitor

Heartbeat Monitor enables businesses to monitor web applications and services availability on the internet. Amongst other features of the app, Cyber security managed services enable users to monitor IPs/FQDNs (Frequently Qualified Domain Names). Through Heart Beat Monitor users will also be able to monitor services including DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3.

The key benefit that users will get is that they will be able to view and use information in real time. This is crucial because in today’s modern era businesses need to make decisions based on real time information. Through the Heart Beat Monitor app users will be able to check whether the entered IP addresses are operational or not. They will then be able to take the required action after analyzing the situation.

The app will basically serve the purpose of being a monitoring tool for users. Cyber security risk dashboard will enable them to view any potential risks or threats that may stall the progress of their business operations. By exploring the various features of the Heart Beat Monitor, including the ability to view service, ping statuses and graphs users will be able to make better business decisions.


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Managed Cyber Security Services

Managed security services is an IT service provider that offers well managed cyber security services to help you monitor and manage your organization, which may comprise of viruses, firewalls, intrusion detection system, and spam blocking. Managed cyber security services support your company to secure your IT environment through managing and monitoring your systems, network and data.