What is CERTStation?
CERTStation provides the tools which enables users to receive actionable security intelligence in a meaningful and timely manner. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive enterprise view of global security information to enable our users to apply it instantly to their specific hardware and software environment. Our goal is to provide an accurate, efficient, low cost mechanism to alert, discover, and remediate security issues before they become a threat.

Is there a trial version CyberSecurity Dashboard that I can use for free?
The application comes with four subscriptions options which are as follows:

  • Free User: The user will be able to use the dashboard online with adverts.
  • Single User: This license permits you to use CERTStation Dashboard for a personal usage in non-enterprise environment.
  • Enterprise User: This license allows you to use CERTStation Dashboard in an enterprise environment on a single user screen.It typically allows add free use of the program, although this license will not be used in shared data center environment.
  • Enterprise Version for NOC: This license allows you to use CERTStation Dashboard in an enterprise environment on a shared screen with no restrictions on high resolution screens

All subscriptions have monthly or yearly options  available.

What information is displayed on the dashboard?
The dashboard is the real time representation of IT security news, threat analysis, available patches, tools and much more. These assist  organizations to take preemptive measures to safeguard their critical IT assets as per their own IT Policies.

What do the generated metrics imply?
The generated metrics will provide an initial baseline to help achieve the stated goals, but we recognize that it is likely that these metrics will evolve over time

  • Paint a clear picture of your security posture
  • Identify areas of greatest risk
  • Help educate resource allocation towards areas of greatest security gain
  • Educate senior management on possible business impacts of your security posture
  • Provide a method to monitor the effectiveness of your policy and technological changes over time

What will CyberSecurity Dashboard achieve for me?
CERTStation will help identify the following:

  • Secure configurations for hardware and software on laptops, workstations, and servers
  • Secure configurations for network devices such as firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Maintenance, monitoring, and analysis of security audit logs

How do I add more accounts to my existing account?
Presently the user will be allowed to maintain only one account.

How much system resources will have to be allocated to run the application?
Being a web based application the resource consumption of the application will be negligible. It will run on all four major browsers. The max resolution supported is 1920 X 1080.