Threat Management

Threat management advisory in the USA, the UK, and other countries provides effective strategical management of security threat and compliance. Threat Management can be easily understood as being the practice of employing a combination of detection systems in advance such as cyber threat, intrusion detection systems, security risk, security information and event management systems etc. while specific security tools progressively monitor the counterthreats that can affect the network of your business. When you are seeking for advice, no matter what business size you have, we have a threat management advisory which will give you security updates to secure your business environment.

Certstation provides you a reliable threat intelligence dashboard that provides precise information on any type of threat activity through matching the threat intelligence root content to events.  The dashboard adds a layer of defense and helps you to identify critical threats, understands the context in which they can occur, and finally executes the most effectual response. The cyber threat dashboard lets you organize your business according to the nationally evaluated cyber security framework and provides the best practices implementation guidance.

Certstation provides the cyber threat intelligence dashboard for the best practices and to meet your specific needs in cybersecurity and threat intelligence.

What Makes an Ideal Dashboard?

An ideal cyber security dashboard should render you at-a-glance observation of the information you require to generate key decisions. A cyber security risk dashboard should be like a car dashboard which helps you make the right decisions during driving. So, your precise security dashboard should be, or show:

Comparative: The dashboard should help you put things in fine context so that you can analyze the data against one another.

Understandable: Your security dashboard should be effortless to follow the instructions and should contain useful information.

Ratio/Rate: Preferably, you should have specific idea of modification over time. As there is a precise reason of the biggest number on your car dashboard which presents “Miles per Hour” but not as “Miles Driven”. Behavior Modification: Perhaps the most significant thing about the dashboard is that it should contain the information that helps drive the conduct of your security team.